About Us:

ZARA's PASTA PRODUCTION was founded by Giovanni (John) Zara in 1987. Giovanni Zara was born in northern Italy, the region world renown for its excellent food and wine. Now, you too can share in his love for the taste of real Italian cuisine. Unique pasta recipes used to prepare Zara's pasta and sauces were passed from generation to generation and saved as a family treasure. Thanks to this authentic, home-made touch and the unwavering commitment to the highest quality products, Zara's Pasta has become known as the producer of the most delicious fresh pasta in Vancouver.
A small factory was established on the North Shore in 1987 (known as Zara's Pasta Production from 1994) to supply an Italian deli store on Granville Island - ZARA's PASTA NEST - belonging to Zara's family. The idea was to prepare high quality fresh Italian pasta and sauces for the store's clients. The main rule then, that has remained a key ingredient of Zara's pasta and success, is that all products should be free of any additives or preservatives. Soon thereafter, Giovanni started to receive more and more orders from similar gourmet stores, hotels and restaurants.
The family business was already quite prosperous when Giovanni Zara decided that he would like to do his best to meet the growing demand for his pasta by expanding his production. Encouraged by his customers, Mr. Zara moved the production to a larger place in Burnaby, and in 2010 - to the even bigger place in Port Coquitlam. Some of the employees have remained since those early days - Jose, the production manager, more than for 13 years!
Giovanni's children, daughter Arianna and son Loris, have been helping the family from the beginning: Arianna worked in the factory and Loris and his wife Harmony manage "Zara's Italian Deli" store in the Granville Island Public Market.
Today we are proud to have extended a list of our clients and friends and we welcome everybody to contact us to place wholesale orders or for retail customers - to buy Zara's pasta in retail stores.