This winter evening I have a recipe for you: Romantic Winter Pasta Dinner for two

...that is VEAL SPINACH CANNELLONI (or for vegetarians RICOTTA SPINACH CANNELLONI) magic dish!

pre-packed 400 gr. Veal Spinach Cannelloni What do you need for it?

So, at first, go to buy our pre-packed 400 gr. Veal Spinach Cannelloni and sauce in retail stores carrying our pasta. I recommend with this cannelloni our ready-to-serve Creamy Tomato or Italian Tomato Pasta Sauce.

Sauce for pre-packed 400 gr. Veal Spinach Cannelloni It also would be good to have some salad, vegetables... and a bottle of nice red vine.

It is amazing - Zara's Pasta Veal Spinach Cannelloni is fully cooked meal: just add sauce, heat about 2 minutes in the microwave oven, and serve!

This canelloni, salad, vegetables, sprinkled parmesan on the pasta, and a glass of red vine will make your dinner in a cold season unforgettable.
pJohn Zara

BUON APPETITO! Giovanni Zara

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