In today's Moscow Italian pasta is no longer a rarity but still very much a exotism, often intentionally enhanced (if not created !) by the restaurants and cafes who refer to such common place themes as.. mafiosi Italy.

Thus in Pizzeria dal Capo, opened recently in the very heart of Russia's capital, you can read spine-chilling mafia headlines in the yellowy pages of the now newspapers with menus to be found inside!

In this Sicily Russian-style all is safe and peaceful. The interior design is expensive, classy, and very cozy at the same time all without going into excesses: the accent is unmistakingly placed on the cuisine. Side by side with the traditional lasagna you can see the captivatingly original seafood version of this dish where calamari, salmon and mussels enveloped in a tender creamy sauce alternate with lasagna sheets, tomatoes and cheese to create as a result a multi-storied pie with a golden crust and a fine bouquet of white wine. Fresh pasta dishes with their home-made delicious sauces truly do justice to the core concept of the Italian cuisine: generous, filling and divinely tasty!

Red velvet sofas with the back rests so high that they can shield your little get-together from the rest of the world, exquisite and resolutely stern stone walls, soft lighting and good Italian music: from the masterpieces of the pop-renaissance to today's stars of the Apennine peninsula. A memorable evening of excellent cuisine and relaxing ambiance is guaranteed. All that required from the guests a good appetite!

prepared by AVP Consulting, July 2010, sources -, /,

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